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"You Can’t Buy the First Dress You Try."

Knowing It's the "One"


....Who told you that?

And the next version: “You shouldn’t buy at your first appointment.”
Again- who said that?

Here’s the scene: I walk out of that dressing room with a bride for the first time, and she’s in a dress she loves. Everyone can see that this is a moment. And then it happens... someone says it.

“Yeah, but you can’t buy the first dress you put on.” Or, “You don’t have to buy at the first place. Let’s see what else is out there.”

These ideas are based in a logic that says, “You may not know what you want.” Or, “There’s always something better out there.”

Listen my friends: if you lived by that logic 100% of the time, you wouldn’t have picked a fiancée. If you love a dress, you love the dress!

Absolutely, we will try on other dresses to confirm your first love or to make sure there’s nothing else that beats that first stunner. We’re not going to push you to say yes to a dress if you’re not sure.

But if you KNOW you love it, and don’t buy a dress just because you “shouldn’t,” you’re just setting yourself up for confusion and frustration as you keep looking and looking and looking for something better.

We're here to clarify your decision, support your choices, and make sure you walk down the aisle in a dress that brings the WOW- whether it’s the first dress or the fifteenth. We won’t let you settle for less.


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