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You'll Look Even Better if You Just Lose...

Body Positivity

Mom: Honey you look beautiful, but if you just lose that little pouch it’ll look even better!

Who knew one little comment could make or break an appointment!

Seeing the bride go from “I’ve dreamed of this day my whole life” to “can we just leave now” is a hard thing to watch.

First off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with how any bride looks. Every bride has so many characteristics to love we could be here for days trying to name them all!

Secondly, none of the dresses we try on during the appointment are going to fit PERFECTLY. They are sample dresses that have been unzipped and zipped numerous times. If It fits perfectly from the first zip, it’s a miracle!! Plus, not every wedding dress is made for every bride! That would make dress shopping too easy, right?!


Have you seen the number of clips we use to get that dress fitting as good as possible?!
Yes, it’s a LOT!

Yes Mom, we know you mean well! And we know you love your bride more than anything in the world! We love our brides too! This is why it hurts us to watch the bride shut down after a well-meant comment.


As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate with planning an entire wedding already!? The last thing she needs to worry about is needing to “lose a few” to “look better”!

We love you Mom and wedding dress shopping wouldn’t be complete without you! What a beautiful time in life, your baby girl is getting MARRIED!! Enjoy every second of it, it’ll come and go before you know it!

Your Loving Bridal Stylist

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