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The Ideal Wedding

Engagement and Marriage: Lifestyle

I’ve talked with my fair share of brides and helped plan my share of weddings.
I’ve been a bridesmaid in quite a few bridal parties, and I did a fair amount of planning during my own wedding.

I know these things can’t be systematized, but from all the data, I’ve created a theory surrounding the characteristics of the ideal wedding.

Lists can be daunting and hard to live up to, but I just want to throw it out there in case it’s helpful...

The ideal wedding:
1. The bride and groom get married
2. The bride and groom enjoy their day
3. The bride and groom celebrate a monumental step in their relationship
4. The bride and groom are celebrated by those in attendance.
5. There is laughter, joy, and celebration.

Here’s the thing, friends. Your wedding will be wonderful REGARDLESS of whether it runs on schedule or the hydrangeas wilt (happened to me) or the chairs aren’t there the day before (happened to my friend), or a bridesmaid dress doesn’t fit (happened to me).

The ideal wedding is the one where you get married with joy and happiness to the love of your life. End of the qualifications.

And I’m here to help you along the way by making sure you end up with the dress of a lifetime: a celebratory wedding dress that is comfortable, reflects you and your beauty, and keeps you celebrating all night long. 


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