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When FOMO Steals Your Moment

Knowing It's the "One"

“I’m the analytical type so I told myself I’d think about it.”
Girl, I can RELATE!

With your wedding dress being such an important purchase, we understand needing to think on it. We understand everything “wedding” that depends on your dress purchase; budget, theme, colors, etc.! The list could go on forever!

Now on your second wedding dress appointment, you come to us at Birdie Bridal. You have a good idea of what you want; a simple, timeless fit and flare! The other boutique had a few that piqued your interest, but you’ve got FOMO (fear of missing out).

We walk through our dresses at Birdie and try on our favorite 5. That simple fit and flare you’ve been eyeing gives you ALL the feels. I’m talking goosebumps, teary eyes, fast heartbeat… ALL.THE.FEELS!

Uh Oh…FOMO kicks in!

Having tried on a whopping 15 or so dresses between the two appointments now your vision isn’t as clear as it once was.

You leave “to think about it and look at pictures” with this hauntingly overwhelmed feeling inevitably creeping up.

What if I told you wedding dress shopping didn’t have to be this complicated? Would you believe me? Because we’ve seen it time and time again, the overwhelmed bride who’s tried on more dresses than she can count on two hands coming in with a fuzzy wedding vision and desperation in her eyes.

Just for a second, put all thinking aside and just FEEL. Feel everything this dress is doing for you. Feel the goosebumps, the teary eyes, and the fast heartbeat!

Because in this moment, this is your dress! This moment is everything you’ve been looking for and you ALMOST let your brain get in the way of it.

If it’s everything you’ve been dreaming of, then why can’t it be your dress? Why can’t you leave knowing you just purchased the dress that comes with all the feels? Everything beings to simplify when you live in the current moment and stop worry about every moment thereafter.

It only takes ONE dress, Brides. No matter how many dresses are out there, it only takes ONE.

Your Caring Bridal Stylist,


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