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Will My Fiancée Cry?

Knowing It's the "One"

“But will my fiancé cry or think this dress is pretty enough?!”

Nope, he won’t. Because he’s only marrying you for the delicious pies you make. I mean…he thinks you’re pretty but like…those pies though…

See how ridiculous that sounds?

Moment of could walk out in a potato sack and he would STILL think you’re the most gorgeous bride he’s ever laid eyes on. Because, second moment of truth, whether he wants to admit it or not, this day is just as emotional for him as it is for you.

Every girl grows up dreaming of the day they get to marry their prince charming. A huge part of that dream is THE DRESS!! My gosh, what dress are you going to fall in love with? Princess ball gown? Sleek and sophisticated fit and flare? Dramatic mermaid?

The dress you choose is so important but…its not EVERYTHING. And by no means am I trying to downplay your dream dress.

What I’m trying to say is if you’re gazing at yourself in the mirror with your dream dress on and the thought pops in your head that it might not be pretty enough, or you think your fiancé might not cry? Throw that thought away!

The love your fiancé has for you goes MUCH deeper than the dress you wear or the delicious pies you make! Whatever dress you fall in love with will most certainly be “pretty enough to make him cry” because guess who's wearing it?

YOU! Remember, he’s choosing to marry you…just like you’re choosing to marry him! What could be more magical than that?!

Your “WORK IT GIRL” Bridal Stylist,


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