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To the Wedding Dress Party:

Appointment Advice and Expectations

If you’ve been chosen by a bride to help shop for The Dress- congratulations!
The bride clearly values you deeply to invite you into such an intimate day!

Here at Birdie Bridal we know that every member of the shopping party wants to support, love, and help the bride- but we also know that can be confusing. What exactly does it look like to support her?
We’ve seen many dress parties, and we believe there is a failsafe two-step way to support your shopping bride:

1. Read the Bride.
2. Empathize.

It may sound like helping someone through a tough time or listening to a venting friend- but this is the most supportive way to help a bride when looking for The Dress and here’s why:

The right dress is not necessarily the one you’ve both dreamed of since day one. It’s not necessarily a certain style. It may not be the “wild card” dress you found. It’s not FOR SURE the one she saw online.

It might end up being all of those things, but above all, the right dress is the one that brings joy and confidence out of your bride. As bridal consultants, we’re already looking to identify this joy and confidence in her, but we have just met the bride. You, on the other hand, know her very well! You know what confidence and joy looks like on her, and... she trusts and values your opinion.

If you can set the expectations aside and watch your dear bride’s face as she models these gowns for you, if you can listen to her carefully, if you can prioritize her joy and confidence over a certain style, you will help her choose the perfect dress, pressure-free.

These bridal parties help the bride choose a dress by reminding her of which dresses made her feel amazing. These parties support her when she doesn’t feel great in a style everyone thought she would buy. These parties set their own expectations aside, and look for the bride’s confidence and joy- and these parties make her feel so, so loved and supported!

Xoxo, Sophie

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