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Shopping at Birdie: What To Expect

Appointment Advice and Expectations

I was literally so surprised about this when we first opened:
Our brides were nervous when they came in to shop with us!

I mean, I sure was nervous during my first few appointments, but I never dreamed our customers would be.

Once I realized this was an issue, I immediately tried to solve the problem. I mean this is supposed to be the second best day of your life so far (beside the day you were proposed to) and I wanted it to be FUN. Like really FUN and ENJOYABLE.

First, to loosen up, we start off with mimosas! Then, one of our bridal stylists walk you through our racks of gowns. We aren’t one of those boutiques that tries to make you go over budget. We have prices tagged on our gowns up front so you do not fall in love with a dress you can’t fit into the budget.

We like to pick 5 of your favorite dresses to try on during your 1.5 hour appointment. Of course if you want to try a couple of more we can! BUT we have found that trying too many can be confusing.

Our bridal stylist help you narrow down your style, fit and size. We are experts on what silhouette looks good on each body type, and if our brides are open to our suggestions we will help shop along the way.

Next, we start trying on! We suggest bringing a strapless bra and shape wear if you plan on wearing that at your wedding! Having 5 favorite gowns selected helps you really have time to soak in each gown, and your likes and dislikes about each one. We TRY to go in order of least favorite to most, but sometimes everyone is surprised by a gown the bride didn’t expect to fall in love with!

Saying YES! When you find a gown you love we will ask the much-anticipated question. “Are you saying yes to the dress?” It’s an amazing moment. My favorite part of course! I like to say, you don’t choose the dress, the dress chooses you!

Then we take measurements and place your dress order. Dresses can take up to 6 months to arrive in our shop. We suggests shopping 9 months to a year before your wedding. We do have a couple quick ship brands as well if you are in a time crunch!

Anyways! I hope this eases your mind and make anyone planning on shopping with us a little less nervous!


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