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Dating Your Spouse

Engagement and Marriage: Lifestyle

I heard some amazing marriage advice today and I wanted to share with y’all! 

Remember your first date with your spouse? Remember how much preparation it took? For me, I worked out extra hard that week, got a spray tan, made sure my nails were perfect. I thought about what we would talk about and exactly how I would reply. I spent most of the day doing my hair and makeup and picked out the PERFECT outfit. I think most of us women can say we tried pretty hard to impress our date. 

Of course the date went perfect and every one after that went perfect as well... cause you know, we’re married now. 

I’ve been listening to the audio book by Jimmy Evans, Marriage on the Rock and he describes this first date scenario, then explains as the years goes on we try to impress less and less. Not just on the women’s side, on the men’s side too. It’s not a secret that we all get comfortable with our spouses!

But Jimmy Evans reminded me today that if you want to feel THAT in-love with your spouse forever you always have to put the work in. There’s a reason the dates went so perfect in the beginning and that’s because you worked HARD at it! 

As the saying goes, “never stop dating your spouse”... this book really put it in perspective for me today!


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