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Use code July10 at checkout for 10% off and free shipping in the USA!
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Appointment Anxiety

Appointment Advice and Expectations

We are here for you. 

The bride with anxiety over decisions. 
The bride with social anxiety. 
The bride with family trouble. 
The bride who struggles with body image. 
The bride who is stressed about her budget. 

My dear ladies, we at Birdie Bridal are women and we are human. We aren’t just here to sell a dress, but support you, build you up, and listen. 

Please feel free at ANY time to let us know what’s going on. We will listen and support you in every way we can! 

We welcome communication at any time:

- I’m not sure what I want.
- I‘m not crazy about this dress. 
- I’m overwhelmed/anxious/stressed about this. 
- I need a break. 
- Please tell my family I love this dress before I show everyone. I need them to be supportive when they see me in this.

If you have decision anxiety, we can help give you tools to be at peace with your decision and the space you need. 

If you have social anxiety, we can make sure you get a time slot where only your family and friends are in the shop. We can send you pictures of the space so you’re familiarized with what you’re walking into. 

If you have family trouble, we will help make things and enjoyable and inclusive. 

If you struggle with body image, you will receive NO judgement- only kindness and encouragement from us. 

If you’re stressed about your budget, we will NEVER pressure or push you to go beyond what you want to spend. 

We love our brides. We understand, and we are here for you.  If there’s any way we can support you, please tell us. We will not pressure, judge, or guilt you. As your stylist, we aren’t just here to sell you a dress, but to support you along the path to this decision.  



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